Software Installation

Computer software installation & repair services for laptops, desktops, and servers. We offer services for residential and small business clients.

As computers have become faster and lightweight, the software that you need to get your work done has become larger and more complex. Techno Wave computer technology can take the stress out of installing the right software and settings for your laptop, desktop, or server.

We ensure the correct software is installed and all licenses are activated and used so you can do what you are great at without worrying about outdated or illegal software. Techno Wave computer technology is your software installation experts..


> Windows 7 & 10 Installations
> Windows O/S Repairs
> Windows Setup For New Computer
> Windows Settings
> Linux Operating System Support
> Windows Upgrades


> Office Software
> Photo Editing Software
> Business Software
> Software Settings & Upgrades
> Licensing Software
> Deleting and Removing Unwanted Software

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